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Hi, my name is Dr. Jack Belitz. I would like to share my story with you.  ​I was born and raised here in Omaha along with my four sisters.  I chose to stay here to raise my three daughters because it is such a great place to raise kids.  I absolutely I love this city.
I graduated from Mount Michael High School and it is while I was a student there that I had my first introduction to alternative health care.​  ​I was suffering from severe hay fever symptoms and the medications prescribed to me would often cause me to fall asleep in classes and have no energy to do anything. Then my parents found an alternative doctor in Chicago who moved here from Germany.  Although she had an MD degree, she did not use any traditional medications and that really intrigued me. 
Because of the help she provided me, she had a big impact on my choice for a profession due the success she achieved with my symptoms. 

After graduating from college, I was involved in an automobile accident which triggered some incredibly painful headaches.  It was a chiropractor who finally got rid of the headaches and that is how I found my profession.  I love helping people get out of pain but even more I love helping them reach a higher quality of life than they even think is possible when they start care.  The best part is that I don't have to use drugs or surgery to provide that help.
Call me at 402-333-4848 so we can sit down and discuss any issues you have.

Dr. Jack Belitz,​ DC

Alea Harms

Alea is the office manager of We Care Wellness Center.  She is an amazing source of knowledge of many topics especially for people who are not sure if this office is right for them.  She can provide assistance in a number of areas.  She has two wonderful children, Lux and Lorelei.   

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