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Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder


Is This Disease Causing Problems For Your Family?

If you live in or near Omaha, NE, you are in the right place!


ADHD, sometimes known as ADD, is the diagnosis given to children, adolescence or adults who generally seem to have:

      - Difficulty staying focused or concentrating
       - Easily Distracted
       - Difficulty controlling behavior (hyperactivity)
       - Always moving - fingers, hands, arms, feet or legs
       - Difficulty paying attention
       - Impulsive behavior
They may also:
     - Struggle with low self-esteem
      - Have troubled relationships
      - Exhibit poor school performance

This disorder affects millions of children and sometimes will continue into adulthood.

First Things First

Begin by making nutritional and lifestyle changes. Rule out environmental factors by reducing your child's exposure to substances that are increasingly common but potentially detrimental:

  • Remove food dyes, preservatives and additives from the diet.
  • Focus on natural, organic foods grown without pesticides or herbicides.
  • Determine if an allergy involved such as dairy or gluten and eliminate.
  • Reduce sugars
  • Eliminate artificial sweeteners.
  • Reduce the use of cleaning agents, detergents, fabric softeners and other chemicals.


These are wise choices whether your child has the symptoms associated with ADHD or not!


Traditional Treatment


The most common treatment in the medical profession is drugging the child with the Class 2 psychotropic drug methylphenidate, more commonly known as Ritalin®.

Ritalin® is a schedule II controlled substance related to, and producing similar effects as, cocaine and other amphetamines. The side effects, including personality changes and permanent changes to the brain, cause many parents to look for alternatives. More and more are wisely turning to chiropractic.



Chiropractic: Pure and Natural

Hyperactivity is not the result of a Ritalin® shortage in your child's body!  So why is it that this is the first thing medical doctors use to treat the symptoms.   Instead, we look for disturbances to the child’s nervous system.  The nervous system is the part of the body which controls all your actions.  We almost always find problems caused by spinal distortions in the upper neck.   This link between the spine, brain stem dysfunction and ADHD is common. A thorough chiropractic examination can reveal noticeable spinal distortion.   This distortion can often be resolved through chiropractic care which will reduce nervous system tension.


Find Out More

As parents, we want the best for our children. If your child exhibits the symptoms of ADHD, you know it affects virtually everyone your child is in contact with. Before you submit to drug therapy, make an appointment for a chiropractic evaluation. Call our office today!


Are You Looking for Help with ADHD
If so, that is exactly what I am here to offer - help.  I have been working with ADD/ADHD patients for 20 years and have had great success in patients who are both children and adults.  I believe our success has been so good because we treat every patient individually.  
After going over a thorough history, we will administer 2 computerized examinations.  The results of these tests will give us a great insight into reasons why the patient is experiencing the ADD/ADHD symptoms.  
The treatments we offer are very different from mainstream treatment.  I don't use or prescribe any potentially harmful drugs that artificially alter the way the body or brain works.  The benefit of this approach is that you don't have to deal with the potentially scary side effects of those drugs.
Your body was designed to be self healing.  When something goes wrong, the body should fix it so it can start working correctly.  When someone has the symptoms of ADD/ADHD; almost always the system that controls the self-healing part of your body has a problem, and the body is not able to respond the way it should so it is not functioning properly.
Take what happened to Taylor last year (Not his real name for legal reasons)
Taylor was "diagnosed" with ADHD by his grade school teacher.  The teacher had a conference with Taylor's mom and suggested Taylor see an MD to get a prescription for an ADHD drug.  Taylor's aunt just happens to be my patient and when she heard what Taylor's mom was going to do, she brought both of them in to see me.   We did some testing on Taylor and the tests showed he needed help. I decided he would be a good candidate for treatment here so he started care.  
After 4 weeks, the teacher reached out to his mother and said that she was happy Taylor was on a prescription because his attitude was so much better and the reason for the call was that she was wondering why a mid-day dose of the drug at school was not needed like the other students who were on that type of drug.
Taylor's mom was happy to report to her that she had decided not to put Taylor on any medications at all but that he was under the care of my office.  The teacher didn't know what to say.
The interesting thing was that Taylor had also been having problems with ear infections since he was an infant.  He was on some type of antibiotic about once every 3-4 months.  Since he started care in this office 6 months ago, Taylor hasn't had a single sore ear.
Are you ready to find out if your child or family member can qualify for this treatment and if so, what could be done?  
For a very limited time, Call 402-333-4848 and if you mention this web page, you will receive a initial visit including a case history, and 2 computerized exams for FREE.  I will also include a second visit where we can get together and talk about the results. All of this is normally $245 but because you mention this web page, I will give all this to you at no charge.  This is a very limited time offer so call today. 
Perhaps you are already dealing with the diagnosis of ADHD in your family.  If so, please read the labels of the drugs that are being used.  Pay special attention not only to the common side effects, but also the possible serious side effects.   Do you really want to risk heart problems?  Do you want to deal with the serious possibility of addiction? Thoughts of Suicide? Do you realize that many of the drugs are in the same class as cocaine?
Call 402-333-4848 Today!
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