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. . Are You Sick And Tired Of

Living with Back Pain?


   Is Back Pain or Sciatica

Keeping You From Enjoying Life?



      Are You Living in Pain? 

     Do you suffer from Sciatica pain or pain going down your legs?  Maybe your pain is really intense right in the middle of your back?    Is the pain keeping you from enjoying life?

      If this sounds like you or someone you love,

then you are in the right place!  My name is Dr. Jack Belitz because I was in your shoes just a few short years ago.  There was so much pain in my back that I almost had to close my practice. After a lot of searching, I finally found a solution that saved my life.  Now my practice is dedicated to helping people just like you who are living in back pain.  Do you want to get back to enjoying your life? Let me help you.  I have assembled  an arsenal of tools and techniques to help you get rid of your pain so you can start living a more normal life again.


Maybe You Can Get Rid Of The Pain At Home!



       For over 10 years I have specialized in helping people with severe back pain. The goal is to keep you off the surger's table. If the pain is really intense, you are probably going to need some professional help and I wold love to assist you in getting back to the active lifestyle you want.  



     However, not everyone who comes to this site has the really intense pain yet.  Over the years I have noticed that some people have been able to greatly decrease their pain at home using different strategies.  After a great deal of study,  I worte a 30 page report outlining in detail the 8 most effective home strategies to reduce back pain.  If you do not have intense pain, one of these strategies might be the answer for you.    I am offering this report to you free of charge either by mail or download.


 Call Dr. Belitz 402-333-4848 or 


Important Facts 

  • Back surgery is only considered successful 50% of the time, even at that rate 'successful' simple means the pain has gone away for one year; surgery patients rarely find that their lives and activity go back to normal. 

  • Opiate pain killers and muscle relaxers only stop your brain from receiving the pain signals from your nerves.  So when you take them you are open to further injury.

  • Prolonged use of pain killers and muscle realxers lead to the 'need' for more in order for them to continue 'working' and often times lead to addictions.

  • Physical Therapy involves treatments that focus on prevention and management of injuries or disabilities instead of solving the problem.

  • A study showed that people who go in for back surgery believe they will be able to do everything they could before the pain started.  The reality is that even if the surgery is considered successful, you will rarely have the mobility  and abilities that you did before.

  • Even Surgeons agree that surgery should be your very last option. 

Back Surgery Is An Option... But Do You Know The Risks?


     Back surgery is something that Many people consider when the pain is bad enough.  You hear about people having surgery all the time, but how successful is it?   The State of Ohio Workers Compensaton department spends an enormous amount of money every year on back surgery and they wanted to find out how successful surgery really is. 

     This study was included 1,450 patients.  All of them had back pain and sciatica pain down their leg severe enough to take them out of work.  Half of these patients had surgery, the other half did not.

     The study followed all 1,450 patients for two years. The results showed that back surgery, for disc hernation, disc degeneration and or radiculopathy, actually lead to increases in disability, opiate use, work loss and there was a very poor return to work rate. 

      This is information you should have when you are making a decision about what treatment is right for you.  Most people agree after reading this study that they want to explore all other available options before considering surgery.




Why This Office Is Different


The reason we are able to help you where others have failed is because we approach the problem causing your back pain using a completely different approach.  If you have tried other providers and not gotten the results you desire, chances are they were looking to treat the part of your back where you were feeling the pain.  This may not be the source of the pain.  In fact we have found over the years that the pain may be felt in only one part of your back, however, there may be distrubances other places along your spine that could be the actual cause of the problem.  All of these distrubances need to be addressed before your body can heal.


       Using advanced computerized technology we can analyze your back and spine to determine the sources of your pain.  Locating these problem ares will determine if you are a good candidate for our care.  


        Call 402-333-4848 to schedule an exam and take the first step to getting rid of the pain in your life.  While we are in the trial stages of this web site, if you mention this web site and you will get the consultation and exam at no charge.  This offer is only available for a limited time so call today!



    What Are Your Options?


         With a thorough  understanding of your treatment options, you can make an informed and intelligent decision as to what your next step should be.   To learn about the different options you have in dealing with severe back pain, I have created a report which details the most common treatment options.  I also provide the pros and cons of each treatment option.  As you will see, there is no perfect treatment option for everyone.  Each one has it's merits.  

This report covers the most poplular options today and is a great starting point for finding the solution that fits you best. You can view this information by clicking the  box below.


      This is Dr. Jack Belitz.


       Do you feel that your back pain is too bad to consider anything but surgery?  I can tell you that over the years, many of my patients felt the same way.  They had tried medical doctors who gave them shots and pills, physical therapists who gave them exercises and even other chiropractors but none of the treatments gave any long term help.  

       I have been specializing with sever back pain patients for over 10 years and have helped hundreds of patients avoid the need for surgery.  Most experts would agree that surgery should be your last option.  Come in and say, "Hi", and we can discuss whether you would be a good candidate for the type of care which could change your life.  It is my mission to help as many people as I can find relief from serious back pain without needing surgery.  I want to help you achieve a higher quaility of life.

       Call now to see if you could be helped too.  If you mention this web site, I will give you an initial consultation and 2 computerized exams at no charge.  That's a savings of over $200 just for mentioning this ad.  This offer is only good while we are in the testing phase of this internet website so call today to schedule your appointment at 402-333-4848 and take advantage of this offer.


Your Friend,


Dr. Jack Belitz


P.S. If you're not ready for a consultation, but you are in pain, click the button below and get the free Home Back Pain Relief Report which details the top 8 strategies you can do at home that might help you with your pain.  Please email me at if you find one of the strategies in the report works for you!


Dr. Jack Belitz DC specializes in treatment of severe low back pain along with headaches, neck pain and symptoms of ADHD or ADD and Autism and he is a Chiropractor  There were no elephants harmed in the making of this site!


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