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Are You Ready To Take Your Game

To The Next Level?



Golf is one of the most amazing sports in the world.  It's fun and challenging.  It is one of the few sports where you play against yourself.  This is great because it alows people of different skill levels to play against each other in a competitive manner.  But what it also means is that you have to constantly push yourself to be a better golfer in order to keep winning.


this is great for our economy.  Every year there is a new driver which will allow you 5-10 more yards, the same thing is promised in just about every golf magazine by different technique gurus.  Each magazine sells and the golf club manufacturers sell enough golf clubs each year to keep the research departments of their companies going strong. 


Yes equipment has a lot to do with the game.  A good set of matched clubs that have been customized to your swing is an invaluable asset to a golfer, but j  Let's face it, the score of any golfer who is beyond beginner status is a lot more dependant on the golfer's physcial ability and their mental game, than the latest article in a golf magazine.


How many strokes are wasted each round because you hit a bad shot and weren't concentrating correctly on the next 2 or 3?  How many putts are shanked because your brain doesnt get complete focus for each putt no matter how long?  If you have a stiff back, how much does it affect the flight and length of the bolf ball?  If you are altering your swing because of a hip or knee problem, how much distance are you loosing?

 A great mentor of mine has said, "You can make small changes slow, or big changes fast."   Studying the latest golf magazine each month and getting an extra 5 yards on your drive... sometimes or picking the right wedge for the right shot will have an impact on your game, but as everyone knows, the impact of each magazine will be very small to your overall score and history tells us that the majoity of the changes you make are luckly to last a week or two.  Thereofre the result of all this stuy is going to be summarized int he phrase, "small changes slow". 


if you are tired of this... and really want to have massive impact on your game, you have to do something massively different.  , or you can make a massive change in your game and really cause a big difference.  This massive change could be a week long intensive golf camp where you are drilling for hours every day on changes to your game.
Another way to make a massive improvement in your game and take yourself to the next level is to join our off season shift your golf game program.
This program is centered on helping you in three different areas of your game at the same time.


1)  Connecting your brain with the end of your golf club.  It sounds wierd, but that is the best way to explain what we can accomplish together.  I'm sure you remember from science classes that the right side of your brain controls the left side of your body and the left controls the right.  It's actually way more complicated than that.  You see, as we go through life, the brain has the ability to change how it controls movement.  Depending on how it is working, it can shift what parts of the brain control which movements.  This is important because when we encounter different stress events, the larger ones can actually affect how your brain is functioning. the triggering stress could be job related like loosing a job, or a major financial distress for your business or family, or it could be a moe personal like, like the loss of a close family member, or a relationship break up.  Chances are at this point in your life you have had literally hundreds of major stress events, which could have and probably did to some extent affect the way your brain is functioning.
There is a very special test called a functional MRI which illustrates this very well.  Notice  the 3 pictures of the brain below. What just happened is that a person was in this functional MRI unit and was asked to move his right foot.  In order for this to occur, the brain had to process that activity and decide which muscles had to contract and how.  This effort of the brain shows up as brighter colors because the machine can pick up where the chemical activity in the brain is happening.  Each of the 3 pictures below is a different level of the brain, kind of like if you slice a tomato and stand it on its end.  then take each of the slices off one at a time and look at the slice on the top that is left.  You will notice that in order to make the right foot move, it required chemical reactions to take place on both the right and left sides of the brain.
After this image was taken, some very advanced work called Network spinal analysis was performed on this person and they were re-tested.  Notice again that we have 3 slices of the brain, but can you see how much less color there is.  What this means is that the brain now took

This means that  but also one of the most frustrating.  You can practice every day for hours but a simple let down in concentration will cost you multiple strokes during a singls round thus rendering all that practice useless.  Yes this great game of ours takes physical skill, but when you get to a certain level, the mental part of the game is even more important. 


     What is it that seperates a great golfer from the pro... It's the mental game


     its the same for


        Here we are heading into what most call the off season.  Maybe if your lucky your get a couple of trips in over the winter, but as far as playing on a regular basis, there's no way. 


         So how can I be here daying you have the potential of taking yoru game to the next level

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