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Have you found that you are enjoying life less and less 


because your back is hurting more and more?  If so, now is the time to do something about it.

For 20 years our office has specialized in helping people with back pain to get back to living the lifestyle they want. Many of our patients come in having lost almost all hope of feeling better because they thought they tried everything including:

       - Muscle relaxers,

       - Pain killers,

       - Physical therapy,                      - Medical doctor,

       - Shots                                and even acupuncture


 Many had all but given up hope. In fact you might be one of those people who decided a while back that after trying so many things, you weren't going to waste your time anymore.  But wait!   . . .  there may be hope after all...

Call 402-333-4848 for a consultation today

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Why Do You Have Pain?



Back Pain - People who have back pain suffer from a number of problems.  It could be  a strain on the muscles and ligaments from an injury or it could be caused by biomechanical problems  coming from other parts of the spine.  It could also be caused because the nerves that are going to that part of the body are not working properly, and the normal healing power of the body which should be able to take care of injuries is not functioning at 100%.  This is one

of the most common problems we see and the easiest to recover from.  A computerized exam can illustrate whether this is the problem you have or not and if it is, how bad the problem is. 



Sciatica - One of the most dreadful problems is Sciatica. People who suffer from this problem often have pain radiating straight from the back.  Others have the pain going down one leg or both.  The pain may extend to the thigh or go all the way down to the toes.  Many times the pain is described as burning other times people say their leg or thigh is numb.

However the pain is, the problem is usually caused because pressure is being put on the nerves of the lower back.  The pressure can be there because the bones of the back are not aligned the way they should be, or it could be because the disc that is between the bones of the back is bulging and that is what is causing the pressure.  All too often the treatments involve relieving the pressure of the nerves, which is important but that is where the treatment stops.  If you don't address why the problem got there in the first place, the pain is just going to come back.   



I have 20 years of experience and have helped hundreds of patients with back pain over that time.   People have come to this office with just about every level of pain there is from the person who says, "It's just a minor backache once in a while" to the person how says, "I'm living in debilitating pain every minute of the day and I have a surgery scheduled in just a few weeks"  


A Different Approach

The reason we are successful where others are not is because we approach your problem from a different angle.  We use very advanced computerized technology to analyze the problem and determine if it is one that we will have a good opportunity to help you with.  


 Yes, we have helped many people over the years avoid needing to have a surgery.  But why wait till the pain is that bad? Why put up with that much misery and loose that much enjoyment of life?  Call 402-333-4848 today to schedule a consultation.  The normal price for this visit is $245, but for a very limited time, if you mention this web page when you call, you will get the complete consultation including computerized exams for free.


There is way too much fun out there that you are missing out on.  

Call 402-333-4848 now and let's see if we can get you on your way back to enjoying life!    



What Others Have Said


"Dr. Belitz's patients are fortunate to have a chiropractor who focuses on the wellness of the entire family. Whether you are in pain and have “been everywhere” and have gotten no results, or you are pain free right now and looking for an even higher quality of life, this office can serve your needs."

TG     Omaha      



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Call us right now at 402-333-4848

 to find out what can be done to help you

      Are You Living in Pain? 

Do you suffer from Sciatica pain or pain going down your legs?  Maybe your pain is really intense right in the middle of your back?    Is the pain keeping you from enjoying life?


If this sounds like you or someone you love, then you are in the right place!  My name is Dr. Jack Belitz and I personally was in your shoes just a few short years ago.  I was in so much pain I almost had to close my practice. I was lucky and found a solution soI know how great it is to overcome this type of pain and now I have dedicated my practice to helping people just like you who are living in back pain.  I want to get you back to enjoying your life, feeling bette than you did before.  over the years, I have assembled  an arsenal to help you get rid of your pain. 



Important Facts 



  • Back surgery is only considered successful 50% of the time, even at that rate 'successful' simple means the pain has gone away for one year; surgery patients rarely find that their lives and activity go back to normal. 

  • Even Surgeons agree that surgery should be your very last option. 

  • Opiate pain killers and muscle relaxers only stop your brain from receiving signals from your nerves, leaving you open for further injury.

  • Prolonged use of pain killers and muscle realxers lead to the 'need' for more in order for them to continue 'working' and often times lead to addictions.

  • Physical Therapy involves treatments that focus on prevention and management of injuries or disabilities

  • University of California Irvine's School of medicine concluded "...a strong connection exists between Network Care and and self-reported positive changes on overall health."




The reason we are able to help you where others have failed is because we approach your back pain from a different angle. Using advanced computerized technology we analyze your problem and determine if you are a good candidate for our care. 










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