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Living With Headaches

Are you tired of feeling miserable?   and looking older than you are?

Are you frustrated that friends and family don’t understand what you are going through and tired of the expense of doctor / emergency room visits that only come back with “normal” results and different drugs to “try”?

Through a cutting edge approach to headache treatment, there may finally be help for you.   I have been helping people with headaches and migraines for almost 20 years.  Over that time, there have been wonderful advancements and new ways to approach the headache problem.  The headache program we have in place right now is delivering results better than I have ever seen.  
Every week I have people come to me saying things like:

* The pain is so bad, I need to lie down in a dark room.
* I’ve had headaches since I was a kid.
* I had to go home early today because of the pain. 
* I feel so tired every minute of the day.
* I had to call for help with the kids because I couldn't take the pain any more.

Imagine how great life would be if your headaches were gone. 

What would be different in your life?
         * More time with family
         * Better work productivity 
         * More time for yourself

Headaches Are Not Normal

If you have a headache, it’s your body’s way of telling you that something is wrong.  Covering up the pain using medication will not solve the problem long term.  You need to find the source and fix it.

The good news is, we understand your pain and we want to help.  We have amazing diagnostic equipment which can help isolate the source of the headaches.  The cost of the test and consultation is normally $245, but if you mention this web site, you will receive these services for only $5.

Call 402-333-4848 today to schedule your exam today and be on your way to living headache free.

 Offer does not apply to people with government paid insurance

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