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Ear Infections



Does your child suffer with Ear Infections?

Do the Ear Infections keep coming back even after antibiotics?

If you are the parent of a child with ear infections, this message is for you.


As a parent, it makes us feel so helpless. Our child is suffering but there seems little that we can do.  No wonder reoccurring ear infections account for a huge number of pediatrician visits. 


Traditional approaches include: 


Antibiotic therapy:  This may be effective for acute bacterial infections, but most cases are viral and antibiotics are useless for helping viral infections.


Tubes in the Ears:  Surgical implantation of artificial drainage tubes, require the use of a risky anesthesia and the tubes often come out.


Many parents are choosing a more conservative approach...


Chiropractic care:  Disturbance of nerve function can often lead to ear infection.  A thorough examination to locate nerve disturbance is often a very effective approach to ear infections especially in children. 


Our bodies have an incredible capacity to fight infection but this requires the use of the nervous system.  If the nervous system is impaired in its ability to work properly, reoccurring ear infections can be the result.  By finding the impairment in the nervous system and resolving it, the body is able to fight the infections naturally.


We see a great deal of children in our office, many of them because of ear infections.  The methods we use are not only safe and gentle, but very effective at removing the nervous system impairments and allowing the child's own immune system to clear up the infection the way it was designed to.



Call for an appointment to have your child assessed.  Our special computerized testing will clearly show if there is a problem and allow us to monitor the results.  If you mention this web page, the exam will be free.  Call 402-333-4848 right now


Interesting facts you may want to know:


  • Statistics show that 85% of all children suffer from ear infections.

  • Ear infections are the #1 reason for visits to the pediatrician.

  • In the United States, it is reported that there are over 30 million visits to pediatricians for ear infections.

  • Amoxicillin and other antibiotics are the most frequently used forms of therapy.

  • Numerous studies reported in the Journal of American Medical Association, The Lancet, etc, have shown antibiotics to be ineffective, and inappropriate for the treatment of ear infections.

  • Antibiotic resistant bacteria are one of the fastest growing and greatest concerns in the health fields,  Research attributes much of this problem o the over prescription and overuse of antibiotics for ear infections.

  • The diagnosis and treatment of ear infections has risen nearly 60% in the last 20 years.

  • Typanostomy (tubes in the ear) often fails at reducing the occurrence of ear infections, and may be associated with long-term hearing loss.

  • The profit of sales of antibiotics and treatment for ear infections exceeds 2 billion dollars per year.

  • Research has demonstrated that up to 70% of earaches are caused by viruses, which do not respond to antibiotics.  Even with this statistic, antibiotics are still prescribed the majority of the time.



These facts should be frightening to a parent of a child who suffers from ear infections. 


Call today for a consutation to see if a conservative aproach is right for your child.  Call 402-333-4848 and if you mention this site, you will recieve the consutation and exam for no charge. 

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