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New Patients  (what to expect on your first visit to our office!)

How To Become A Practice Member

​​​We Encourage you to have a firsthand experience in our practice.  It's easy to get started...
Email us
If you have questions or concerns, email us.  We appreciate the opportunity to answer your questions or clear up concerns so we can put you at ease before your first visit to this office. 
Call Us
You don't need a referral to begin chiropractic care.  Our knowledgable staff can field your questions over the phone.  If you want to explore a concern more provately just ask.  Call us at 402-333-4848
No Obligation Consult
We offer a private consultation which you can use to describe your health issue and share your goals.  We will also perform 2 computerized exams.  Dr. Jack will then study the results and can tell you if you are a good candidate for the care we offer in this office.  
Call us today at 402-333-4848 .  The sooner you take action, the sooner we can start to help you
New Practice Member appointments are available throughout the day.  We can arrange a time that works into your busy schedule.
The First Day...
When you arrive at our office on your first visit, you will be greeted by Alea.  She will give you  a short form to fill out.  Then, you will be taken back to the consultation room where you will have the opportunity to tell your story and share your health concerns. 


Dr. Belitz consults with each patient to make sure he personally understands all of your health concerns.  Then you will be taken to the exam room where we will perform two computerized examinations.  The results of this testing will offer great insight as to whether you are a good candidate for care in this office.  If you are not a good candidate for care, you will be informed at this point and presented with some options for further care considerations.  
If you are a good candidate for care, Dr Belitz will study your graphs, the information from the consultation and any x-rays or MRI's that you have provided and develop a plan of action.  
 Once that Action Plan is developed, Dr. Belitz will sit down with you and explain
                          - the findings of the tests,
                          - what he feels is wrong and
                          - what needs to be done to correct the problem.
                          - and how much it is expected to cost
He will go over all the details and lay out the goals that he has set.  Once you have all that information, you will be able to make a very informed decision on whether you want to proceed with care in this office.    
Total time in the office for the first visit is approximately 30-45 minutes. ​

To schedule your new patient visit, call 402-333-4848.
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