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Weight Loss



 Obesity is becoming a major concern in our society.  The percentage of obese people has risen dramatically in the last 40 years.  And, to be quite honest, it's not your fault.  The food industry has figured out how to trick your body into wanting more food which allows them to sell more and more. 


In general with few exceptions, the food industry is all about profit not health

This applies not only to adults, but also to children.  The latest theories suggest that the reason the percentage of people who are diagnosed with diabetes is rising so fast is due to this same problem that is responsible for so many people being overweight.

Do you see this problem in your self or your family?  if so, you can do something about it and I'm not talking about some fad diet that  is going to work for about a month and then stop or buying some pills that keep the weight off as long as you keep buying them... I'm talking about learning the cutting edge ideas  that are keeping people healthy so you can make intelligent choices when it comes to meals and food which can dramatically shift your body shape and that of your family. 

If weight is a problem for you or someone you love, call the office at 402-333-4848 and let Alea (our amazing office manager) know that you would like a initial consultation for weight loss.  If you mention this website, we will do the initial  visit for only $20 - that's a savings of $225 off the normal fee, but you must mention this website to get the discount.   

There are many reasons for being overweight...

While your problems could be just eating too much of the wrong foods, it could also have a hormonal component.   We will explore all the possibilities and give your case the very personalized attention you deserve.  Make the call today and start changing your life for the better.  Remember you make Healthy Choices so you can live and Epic Life.

Call 402-333-4848 and make your appointment today!

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