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Wellness   Approach

​The word "Wellness" is defined as "a fullness of life, having an abundance of energy and a sense of true well being."​


Somewhere between the age of 10 and adulthood a shift in energy happens! All that excess energy that you used to have is simply gone. The cause is stress. You can feel the effects of stress with symptoms such as impatience, nail biting sleeplessness, muscle tension (to name a few). If you are experiencing these symptoms, what do you think that stress is doing on the inside of your body? Damage, and damage to your nervous system has an effect on all aspects of your life, including your health. SO whenever you are faced with uncertainty or chaotic events stress happens, therefore illness is a very possible outcome. 



A specialized technique was developed over the past 20 years called Network Spinal Analysis (NSA). NSA can help your body overcome the effects that stress has on your nervous system, by opening and connecting your nerves this technique will allow you to handle life’s stressful events with ease. By helping your body to better cope with daily stress and life altering events will increase the wellness you experience in you daily life. When your body feels well, and your mind is well, you live with a higher quality of life. 



Until recently, there hasn't been any type of health care that could actually help a person achieve these high levels of well being on a documented, consistent basis.​ ​This health care strategy has been studied at major universities and medical schools across the United States and in a number of other countries. The research is showing that people under Network Spinal Analysis care are able to achieve a higher sense of wellness and greater state of health that any other form of health care practiced today. Our patients are growing and thriving through life. We are proud to offer this care to Omaha and surrounding communities. 


Call today to schedule an appointment to see if our approach is right to help you reach your health goals.  For a limited time when you call us at 402-333-4848 and mention this site, you will recieve a initial evaluation and consultation at no charge.

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